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This has been a fairly quiet space the last two years. After starting this blog in 2011 I posted fairly regularly, but since June 2013 I’ve only posted just eleven pieces. But while this blog has been quiet my life … Continue reading

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Are Nearly Half of Protestant Voters Unaware They Are Protestant?

According to the 2014 exit polls, 77% of the electorate was Christian. That’s almost identical to the percentage of Protestants in the general population (78%) according to the 2008 Pew U.S. Religious Landscape report. In both the exit polls and … Continue reading

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The Southern Value of Being a White Southerner

From a surprisingly and refreshingly non-craptacular piece by Byron York on Bill Clinton’s potential effect on the Arkansas Senate race: Cotton is appealing to lots of Arkansans who once voted for Clinton, either as governor, or president, or both. To … Continue reading

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Shoddy Thinking & Fevered Churchillian Visions About Ukraine

[Update Below] Obama isn’t doing enough to keep people in [Country X] from doing whatever they want to do in their country! Every bad leader in the world is doing whatever he wants because Obama’s feckless! If we’re not tough with … Continue reading

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Democrat Helps GOP Prepare Its Halbig Circular Firing Squad

A Halbig victory, according to Brian Beutler, could actually hurt and divide Republicans : The Republicans who opted out of the Medicaid expansion had Obamacare’s implementation timeline on their side. At the time of the ruling in 2012, zero people in the … Continue reading

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It’s Senate Democrats, Not Reid, Who’ve Become More Combative

Over the last few years liberals and progressives who had been critical of him have warmed to Harry Reid. Throughout Reid’s tenure as head of the Senate Democrats–first as Minority Leader, and the last seven years as Majority Leader–a sizable … Continue reading

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Politics and Personality Threatened Cantor, A Profligate Campaign Doomed Him

No one reason can explain the humiliating primary defeat of House Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor. It was probably a mix of numerous factors: immigration, the tea party revolt reaching the guillotine stage, the possibility that he’s just not a very … Continue reading

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