Muslims Were on New Jersey Rooftops Celebrating The Most Trump Moment Ever

Last night, about two minutes after the conclusion of the Republican debate in Detroit, Donald Trump did a live interview with Bill O’Reilly. After dismissing his opponents and telling O’Reilly “you get a little bit carried away with yourself,” Trump remarked on his performance:

We just finished a debate, which I hear I just won, based on all the polls…

This exchange was immediately after the debate. Literally, not more than a minute or two after the conclusion of the debate. For there to have been poll results, polls have to be written, samples need to be created, calls and interviews need to be conducted, data needs to be analyzed, result summaries need to be written, toplines need to be posted, and releases need to be issued. None of this is begun and finished between 11:00 PM and 11:02 PM EST. And even if in some alternative time and space a poll–or more than one, since Trump said the plural of poll–could be conducted, and results distributed in two minutes, who read those results and summarized them for Trump?

Whatever happened in the debate, whatever he said standing next to his opponents, nothing was more revealing about Trump than him telling O’Reilly that he heard from people (from whom he heard nothing) that he had great poll numbers (in polls that did not exist). It was an astonishing demonstration that either he doesn’t realize that everyone can easily see he’s full of crap, or that he doesn’t care.

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1 Response to Muslims Were on New Jersey Rooftops Celebrating The Most Trump Moment Ever

  1. Nick says:

    What a misleading title.

    And numerous polls exist online which can be accessed and used throughout the debate. The Drudge poll is one example. Whether those polls are good or favor any fair sampling is besides the point. He can say those remarks without being untrustworthy.

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