This has been a fairly quiet space the last two years. After starting this blog in 2011 I posted fairly regularly, but since June 2013 I’ve only posted just eleven pieces. But while this blog has been quiet my life has been far from quiet. Nearly a year and a half ago my wife and I became parents of twins. For the first several months we both cared for them full time. But last summer my wife returned to teaching and writing her book, and I took over primary care of the kids.

I expected that being a full time parent would take up most of my time. What I didn’t expect was a protracted problem with the adoption that left me no time to write anything longer than quips and snarks on Twitter. But things eventually worked out. We’re happy with the resolution, and relieved to be able to get on with our life free of all but the normal distractions and fears faced by every parent. And i’m eager to get back to writing.

Over the next few months I expect to be writing about politics, how the country is changing, but also how many of our problems are rooted in the past. Conflicts over pluralism, cosmopolitanism, immigration, voting and civil rights, economic development, taxation, internationalism, use of military force, religion, labor, wealth, inequality, individualism and community have always been fought out along the divides of political party, of education, of religion, of North and South, of rural and urban, of white and non-white, and of young and old. But now there is another divide: a tenacious effort to hold on to the fading white-dominated past versus an inevitably more cosmopolitan future. I expect to write about how these conflicts, as well as about the structures and dynamics of campaigns and elections, the politics of Washington and the politics of states, America’s place in the world, and the many things our news media and pundits get wrong, and why.

I may even write a little about baseball.

I intend to use this space to think out loud, but I don’t want to do it alone. I encourage people to comment, and I hope to have discussions.

Finally, I hope this is not the only place where I can be read. I intend to write for publications, so look for my work around the web. And if you’re an editor who thinks I have something interesting to say, please reach out to me about writing for your publication.

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