Are Nearly Half of Protestant Voters Unaware They Are Protestant?

According to the 2014 exit polls, 77% of the electorate was Christian. That’s almost identical to the percentage of Protestants in the general population (78%) according to the 2008 Pew U.S. Religious Landscape report. In both the exit polls and the Pew report 24% were Catholic and 2% were Mormon. Pew has Protestants at 51%, and Jehovahs Witnesses, Orthodox and other Christian denominations at less than 2% of the population. However, only 29% of exit poll respondents self-identified as Protestant, while a whopping 22% said some form of Christian other than Protestant, Catholic or Mormon.

I’m going to guess that Jehovah’s Witnesses, Quakers and Mennonites, and Russians, Greeks, Ukrainians, Copts, Keralites and Eritreans and people who’ve converted to those groups’ dominant faiths did not make up 22% of the electorate. Rather, it looks like nearly half of the Protestants who voted in 2014 do not identify as Protestant, or do not realize they are affiliated with a church or denomination that is Protestant.

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One Response to Are Nearly Half of Protestant Voters Unaware They Are Protestant?

  1. merriannie says:

    One thing you might understand about many Baptists, especially of the American Baptist Association (ABA) type is that they deny they were ever a part of the Catholic church to begin with and that is what Protestants are. They protested and came out of the Catholic church. That’s how they got that name.

    But the ABA Baptists where I attended (Baptists are pretty loose in what they teach. Even within the ABA you’ll find some who’ve never heard what I’m telling you.) preached that our church was formed by Jesus when he baptized John and was Baptized. And that the true church never joined the Catholic (call it some bad words here… and add a chuckle) travesty to begin with.

    You can’t be protestant if your church began before the Catholic church.

    History of course will not show any proof of this but that’s what some preach. And if I had been asked, coming out of the polls, I would have said no… I’m not protestant. My church pre-dates the Catholic religion.

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