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“You’re All Wrong: Obama’s Not Mullah Omar, He’s George McGovern!”

Yesterday John Podhoretz admonished his fellow conservatives to “get serious” about Barack Obama. “Obama is very possibly a world-historical political figure,” wrote Podhoretz. He’s not, he explained, a nice guy in over his head. And he’s not “the reverse-negative image of that delusion…a … Continue reading

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Forecast Calls for an Easy Solution

Columbia Journalism Review has a good piece on a very weak link in convincing the American public–the only public in a highly developed country still in need of convincing–that the earth’s climate is changing because of human activity: TV weathermen. … Continue reading

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Such certainty: With respect to Nate Cohn, I prefer to assess the race with a bit more emphasis on stuff like this: In political analysis it is important to not relevant precedents & apt comparisons. But it is also important … Continue reading

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