Not the First Time Ryan has Offered a Budget that Didn’t Include a Budget

Before Mitt Romney picked him to be his running mate, the DC press corps anointed Paul Ryan the “serious” Republican. So on one level it is astonishing that the supposed leading Republican budget expert would be forced to admit that, despite referring to Romney-Ryan budget, there in fact is no any Romney-Ryan budget, because, according to Ryan, they “haven’t run the numbers.”

A budget that hasn’t been added up doesn’t add up.

Making a pillar of your campaign a budget you’re forced to admit does not exist is worthy of entry in the World Championship of Chutzpah. Unless the press is far more inept that I think I believe they are, this will drain even more of the Romney campaign’s  nearly-depleted reserves of credibility. But it’s not as if Paul Ryan hasn’t previously done almost the exact same thing.

In 2009, as he began the process of trying to pass his first budget, President Obama criticized the Republicans for not offering an alternative to his budget and instead engaging only in obstruction. This charge made the Republicans squawk, so they responding with a press conference at which they made a big deal about offering a budget, saying they had a budget, announcing their budget, unveiling their budget…and then Paul Ryan admitted that the press conference was a sham, because they didn’t have a budget, but really, honest, if everyone would wait a week they’d have one. [Hilariously, they chose their second unveiling on April Fool’s Day.]

What did Ryan say about the sham? He characterized the Republicans first document as “more of a marketing document, not a budget.”

Yet again, Paul Ryan promised a budget, but at best he’s got a marketing document. We shouldn’t expect any substance from Paul Ryan, since he doesn’t demand any of his party or of himself.

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