Does It Seem Like Something is Missing?

This is from the upcoming events page for February on the Michigan Republican party’s website:

You know what’s missing from that list, specifically on February 28th? Yeah, that’s right, the Michigan Republican Party doesn’t mention on their own website that their presidential primary is next week.

Is it possible that Republican turnout in the primaries and caucuses has been abysmal because the state Republican parties didn’t know there was an election coming?  Or is it possible that Michigan Republicans, who last summer changed the rules for their primary, are trying to prevent another embarrassment like their 2000 primary?  You may remember that hilarity. Then-governor John Engler declared that Michigan would be George W Bush’s “firewall” but Democratic voters (who were choosing their nominee in caucuses on a different day) flooded the polling sites to embarrass the despised Engler, and in the process humiliated Bush by giving John McCain an eight point victory. Maybe the Republicans are just trying to make it a bit more difficult for Democrats to figure out how to mess with their primary.

Then again, there’s another possible explanation: they may simply be incompetent.

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One Response to Does It Seem Like Something is Missing?

  1. Fred steadman says:

    Get real! Everyone that is politically active knows when they have to vote for GODS sake.
    Stop grasping for straws and realize that the country is sick of the right dragging us back to he stone age.

    Your party is falling apart at the seams and I go to bed with a smile on my face watching it.

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