Does Romney Have Enough Money to Buy the Nomination?

Yesterday Jonathan Martin of Politico wrote about the financial strains on Newt Gingrich:

With an assist from a media buyer, I ran the numbers on what Newt would have to spend to run a one-week flight of TV at a thousand points each in just the largest markets in Tennessee, Georgia and Ohio.

This is approximately what he’s looking at:

Cleveland: $300,000
Columbus: $210,000
Cincinnati: $165,000
Memphis: $110,000
Nashville: $100,000
Knoxville: $76,000
Atlanta: $530,000

According to my math, that adds up to $1,491,000.  Again, that’s one week of ads in only the largest markets of only the three states Team Newt is targeting on Super Tuesday. And, given that early voting begins in Tennessee on February 16th, he may want to do more than air just a week of spots there.

He’s right in pointing out that it’s daunting for Gingrich to muster the resources to compete. But look at it another way: Does Mitt Romney have enough money to kill off his opponents? Yes, Romney has a huge, huge cash advantage over his opponents. But despite that huge advantage, he’s only won three states; one where he could afford to blanket the state with ads, one where over a quarter of the participants were Mormons, and one where he owns a house and most of which is in the Boston media market. Clearly it costs Mitt Romney much, much more money per vote than it does his opponents.

It looks like Mitt Romney needs to start buying houses and transferring Mormons to all the Super Tuesday states.

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