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Michigan Primary Live Blog

For those who don’t know, I have a day job that includes running campaigns. I’m from Michigan, and have managed several statewide races. 11:09 Central: Romney Will Win Fewer Delegates Than in 2008, Maybe Fewer than Santorum I’m calling it … Continue reading

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An Embarrassing Romney Non-Endorsement

Mitt Romney has been endorsed by Michigan’s current governor, Republican Rick Snyder. I’m not sure it will mean much, but in a Republican primary it’s probably at worse a net even, and more likely a net positive. But I started … Continue reading

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Santorum Goes After the Know Nothings Who Vote No, Nothing

From TPM Rick Santorum is doing his best George Wallace imitation: TROY, MICHIGAN — Rick Santorum’s contention here Saturday that President Obama’s plan to make college more accesible is really a scheme to brainwash people into becoming liberals may have struck some … Continue reading

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How Worried Is the Romney Campaign About Losing Michigan?

This tweet from the Michigan Democratic Party suggests the Romney campaign is very worried that they might lose Michigan: In a general election, the parts of Michigan that receive broadcast television signals from  Toledo, South Bend IN, Duluth or Green … Continue reading

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Michigan Democrats Encouraging Monkeywrenching in GOP Primary

Michigan has a history of screwed up presidential primaries. In 1972, with Richard Nixon not facing a primary, Republican leaders encouraged Republicans to vote in the Democratic primary. They did, and George Wallace won. In 1988 Democrats held caucuses, and … Continue reading

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Chris Christie, Mitt Romney’s Worst Friend

From Politico: “Politico reported that some are privately asking you still to think about getting back in the race. Is that true?” “Yes,” he said. “What are they saying?” ” Listen,” he said. “Same thing I said before … I’m … Continue reading

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Does It Seem Like Something is Missing?

This is from the upcoming events page for February on the Michigan Republican party’s website: You know what’s missing from that list, specifically on February 28th? Yeah, that’s right, the Michigan Republican Party doesn’t mention on their own website that … Continue reading

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The Simplest Explanation for Why Presidential Campaigns Now Cost More

Over at Mother Jones Dave Gilson has a couple of great charts on presidential campaign spending: Kevin Drum looked at the first chart and said he would have thought “campaign costs had been rising inexorably for decades. But apparently not. … Continue reading

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At Least Politico Didn’t Go Full Fox News & ID Him as a Democrat

There’s a piece currently posted at Politico about a Republican Sheriff and Congressional Candidate in Arizona who allegedly threatened his gay lover with deportation if he went public and exposed their relationship. It’s more significant than the run-of-the-mill closeted Republican … Continue reading

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Romney to Retired Auto Workers: Screw You, I’m With the Bankers

Mitt Romney has a work of revisionist history–a nice way of saying a heaping pile of steaming hot bullshit–in this morning’s Detroit News, a once-mighty paper now read by about 17 people. Greg Sargent points out that Romney’s retelling of … Continue reading

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