What Republican Establishment?

I’m not sure he has paying candidate clients anymore, but Mike Murphy was once a big deal among Republican media consultants. He worked for McCain in 2000, but appears to now be more of a pundit and bomb thrower mocking the stupidity of his own party. But he’s considered a knowledgable guy, so this caught my attention:

My reaction is: what GOP establishment?

The GOP establishment that prevented Tea Party whackadoodles Rand Paul, Joe Miller, Sharon Angle and Christine O’Donnell from winning senate primaries in 2010, thus ensuring that the Senate Republican leader wasn’t humiliated in his own state, that Republicans didn’t have to defend Alaska, that they knocked off the Senate leader and that they nearly won control of the Senate, with Joe Lieberman now caucusing with the Republicans and leaving the Senate in a 50/50 leadership gridlock?

The GOP establishment with ties to corporations and Wall Street that knew gambling with the debt ceiling was a horrible idea and thus quickly leaned on the House Republicans, making it easy for John Boehner to negotiate a deal that didn’t hurt the financial markets, our international reputation or the Republicans’ standing with the voters?

The GOP establishment whose foreign policy and old money elites were able to convince favorites such as George W Bush official Mitch Daniels or former Republican National Committee (and darling of Georgetown and K Street) Haley Barbour to enter the race and be the adults in the Republican nominating battle?

The GOP establishment that’s raising big money to protect their House majority rather than be out-raised by the House Democrats?

The GOP establishment that in 2009 wisely put Michael Steele in charge of the RNC, and has followed up that success with new leadership at the committee that hasn’t kept the RNC only a few million dollars ahead of the DNC for the year, but has pushed it far ahead in total money raised and the cash on hand amassed for when they have their nominee?

The GOP establishment that would never let their nominating contest be led by someone who can’t keep straight who’s from her home town, John Wayne or serial killer John Wayne Gacy, and who thinks the human papillomavirus vaccine causes mental retardation?

The GOP establishment that would never let their nominating contest be led by someone who hosts a reality TV show?

The GOP establishment that would never let their nominating contest be led by someone who’s family ranch is called Niggerhead Ranch?

The GOP establishment that would never let their nominating contest be led by someone who didn’t know China had nuclear weapons?

The GOP establishment that has helped its presidential candidates raise huge money so they don’t have to run the most bare-boned primary campaigns since the advent of the modern primary system, thus denying cable news undue influence by allowing it to air a ridiculous number of ridiculous debates that would have pushed the candidates further and further to the right, but which the candidates would be forced to do because it would be the only means that their cash-strapped campaigns would have to deliver their messages to the voters?

I can’t describe the current Republican establishment, but they should be commended, because their wise guidance has ensured that the Republicans have opened up an enthusiasm gap. They’ve ensured that the Republican base is happy with their party. They’ve ensured that 41% of the Republican base doesn’t find the perceived frontrunner an unacceptable candidate and that all the rest of the candidates save one are viewed as unacceptable by a majority of Republican primary voters. And they’ve done such a great job that they’ve prevented a majority of Republican voters–more than among Democrats–from believing the two major parties have done such a poor job that the country would be better served by having a viable third-party option.

As a guy who has nothing to do with the current strengths or weaknesses of the current Republican party might say, “heckava job, Republican establishment!”

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