Republican Voters Don’t Like What They’re Being Offered

Check out this CNN poll from April:

Add up the totals for the candidates who quit or never got in the race–Huckabee, Trump Palin, Daniels and Pawlenty–and you get 55%. Since then Perry, Cain and Huntsman have joined the race. Now, look at the latest CNN poll released today:

Since April 55% of the GOP electorate has had to find a new candidate to support. Cain & Perry sucked up 26 points. Romney added only 13 points, just two points more than the share gained by Gingrich.

The Republican field has changed quite a bit since the spring, and several candidates have surged then fallen back in to the pack. But the most significant constant is that the overwhelming majority of Republican primary voters continue to do what they’ve done from the start: support a candidate other than Mitt Romney.

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