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Troy Davis Not Only Person Facing Unjust Execution Today

I’ve been busy the last few weeks, and didn’t know much about the Troy Davis situation. I was directed to this AP article, which provided a pretty good overview of the case of the Georgian scheduled to be executed in … Continue reading

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Unions and Violence

Big surprise: Fox is twisting the words of Teamsters President Jim Hoffa During the segment that the bloggers have latched onto, Fox edited out the bolded portion of Hoffa’s comments: HOFFA: Everybody here’s got to vote. If we go back and … Continue reading

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When Will Salon Publish a Piece Calling on Heath Shuler to Primary Obama?

Because I enjoy dissecting bad arguments, especially if they include bad historical analogies, I intend to write some more about Matt Stoller’s fantasy of Democratic discontent leading to a primary challenge to Barack Obama. Until then, this covers some of the … Continue reading

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