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If Someone Loses Their Job and TV Cameras Aren’t There to Film It, Does It Make a Noise?

For decades, receiving unemployment benefits required the applicant to go to an office of their state unemployment office to fill out paperwork, and sometimes it required them to return each week to request a payment. This process has shifted online, … Continue reading

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The Left Loved FDR Throughout His Presidency (Except When It Didn’t)

The New York Times, February 2, 1935: The article was written just after the midterms of Franklin Roosevelt’s first term. His first two years had been a whirlwind of activity, but much of it was of dubious effectiveness in stimulating the … Continue reading

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If You Move The Fences Enough, Even the Best Hitter Won’t Be Able to Hit a Home Run

There’s been a good discussion going on across several blogs and twitter over the last few days about the accomplishments of both Barack Obama and George W. Bush, and the comparative difficulties of each. In baseball, there’s a measure of … Continue reading

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Decline for Conservatives?

The New York Times/CBS poll just out is now the fourth to find Americans blame Republicans more than Democrats or President Obama for the debt limit fiasco. Unless and until the Times releases crosstabs, it’s hard to get particularly valuable … Continue reading

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Eating Well: Most of Us Can Afford It, and It’s Good For Our Body Politic

The AP says eating well is an indulgence: But it’s not. The AP article focuses on correlation between spending more on food and success at getting sufficient amounts of certain nutrients, like potassium and vitamin D, in one’s diet. But … Continue reading

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The One Other Point At Which Obama May Have Been Able to Cut a Debt Deal

This by Kevin Drum should be read in its entirety; he provides a good corrective to the view that presidents have more power than they actually do by looking at George W Bush’s role in the major legislative actions of … Continue reading

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Debt Deal: Looks Like Democrats Like It, Tea Partiers Hate It

Yesterday I pondered whether the debt agreement would be popular with the public. I’ve only seen one poll today, so we need more corroborating data for sound conclusions. But a new poll from CNN shows the debt limit deal is unpopular…with … Continue reading

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