Guy Nobody’s Heard of Tells Republicans, Tea Partiers to Remain Calm

Thaddeus McCotter has told Republicans and tea partiers it’s time for a truce:

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (Mich.), a Republican presidential candidate, called Saturday morning for Republicans and the Tea Party to stop fighting and work together to help save the country, presumably from Democratic policies, although he was not specific.

“On the right, take note,” McCotter said on the House floor. “It is as unwarranted and injurious for a Republican to call a Tea Partier a hobbit, as it is for a Tea Partier to call a Republican a RINO.”

You may think McCotter’s such a non-entity that nobody really cares what he thinks. It’s also reasonable to infer that the divides between the establishment Republicans and the crazed radicals who now decide most primaries and whose insanity is channelled by roughly 75 ultra-radical members of the House of Representatives may be too vast for the GOP to avoid internecine brutalities. But I’ve been given some video of McCotter’s bread-breaking meeting with the warring factions, and it looks like things are going surprisingly well:

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