Budgetary Terrorism

CNN analyst and nihilist Erick Erickson‘s letter to Congressional Republicans, which they are reportedly sending around to one another:

Now is a time for choosing. Now is your time for choosing.As I pointed out to John Boehner yesterday, despite what the pundits in Washington are telling you, it is you and not Obama who hold most of the cards. Obama has a legacy to worry about. Should the United States lose its bond rating, it will be called the “Obama Depression”. Congress does not get pinned with this stuff.

Erickson is only concerned with forcing an end to the Democratic occupation of the White House. He’s telling Congressional Republicans to not worry about the damage caused by their acts, and he’s unconcerned with the effects on non-combatants. All that matters is prevailing politically and re-occupying the White House.

Because he’s urging mass and indiscriminate destruction by means of votes, CNN gives him political legitimacy by paying him to appear on their network. But if he was using the same reasoning, the same lack of concern with collateral damage and harm to non-combatants, with bombs instead of votes, he’d be called a terrorist.

This is what we’re dealing with: rightwing radicals recruiting policy suicide-bombers within the halls of Congress.

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