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I’m a Friend. Compañero.

The most beautiful, humane film I’ve ever seen is Wings of Desire. Set in Berlin just before the fall of communism, it follows angels, seen only by children, who wander the polyglot, cosmopolitan city providing comfort to the the poor, … Continue reading

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We’re All Complicit

After a day of seeing rapturous references to Jose Antonio Vargas’ article for the New York Times Magazine,I finally got to My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant. I haven’t even finished, but trust me, you really should read this. I’m sure … Continue reading

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McKinsey Study: Intended to Mislead

A few weeks ago the business consulting firm McKinsey & Company released a summary of a study that, contrary to the preponderance of data, projected that implementation of the Affordable Care Act would lead a large number of employers to … Continue reading

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Media Types: Don’t Call Someone Who Works for Republicans a Disaffected Progressive

From today’s WaPo: In the ever-evolving world of campaign fundraising, some politicians have stumbled on yet another way to bring in buckets of cash. Let’s call it the “money blurt.” Here’s how it works: An up-and-coming politician blurts out something … Continue reading

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New Michigan Congressional Map: Evidence Michigan Congressman Thaddeus McCotter (R-Weirdo) Running for President?

More than two weeks have passed since Michigan Congressman Thaddeus McCotter (R-Weirdo) told Politico’s Jonathan Martin that he would decide within two weeks whether he’d run for President, but he still hasn’t made an announcement. He has, however, used Mitt … Continue reading

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Despite Today’s Headlines, It’s Not Democrats Who Have a Problem With Their Base, It’s Republicans

I’m not at Netroots Nation nor am I watching it online, so I won’t comment on what’s happening there. But the session this morning with White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer has generated some good questions from some of the … Continue reading

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Some Fundamental Misunderstandings of the Anthony Weiner Story

In reading Twitter and blogs the last few week, I’ve realized that there are what I believe to be several misunderstandings about the politics and media coverage of the Anthony Weiner story, and how media drove the politics, and not … Continue reading

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Does Bachmann’s Husband Practice “Anti-gay Therapy?”

From a pretty good Michelle Goldberg piece on Michele Bachmann’s radical evangelical roots: Both she and her husband, by all accounts her most trusted political adviser, believe that homosexuality can be cured. Speaking to a Christian radio station about gay teenagers last … Continue reading

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She’s Running for President Because She Can’t Get Reelected to Congress

Maybe it’s because I know the electoral history better than most because I briefly managed the 2009 campaign of Elwyn Tinklenberg, who almost beat her in 2008, but I always assumed Michele Bachmann is running for president because she figured … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck-loving Hockey Player to Run Against Stabenow?

***UPDATE #2*** If we assume the Republicans hope to get a recognizable name to run against Stabenow as opposed to “some guy” who once played for the Wings. By saying it’s someone born in Canada but who’s a US citizen … Continue reading

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