Oh, All It Took Was an Act of Empty Symbolism?

From The Hill:

A House Republican said Friday that Thursday’s sharp drop in oil prices, to below $100 per barrel, stemmed from House passage of legislation to speed up Gulf of Mexico oil-and-gas leasing and require leasing off Virginia’s coast.

Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas) claimed during Friday’s Joint Economic Committee hearing that the bill sent a message to the oil market about future supply.

“What happened yesterday? Oh, the House passed a bill,” Burgess said.

In that case, why the Hell didn’t you guys do this when you took over the House in January rather than wait over four months to lower gas bills for Americans?

By the way, reading this claim by Burgess is an example of a dilemma I often confront: do I feel disdain toward Burgess for lying and insulting the intelligence of people like myself who know it’s bullshit, or do I fear that so many members of Congress are such simpletons that they actually believe such ludicrous fantasies?

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