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What’s NOT Wrong With Congress

The Boston Review–which I’ve been reading for years, not just for the last week, and I encourage everyone to check it out–has a spirited forum about what’s wrong with Congress. I’ve been traveling, so it will be a few more … Continue reading

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Rove: Democrats Aren’t Tough, Think’s Online Organizing is Cute

On Tuesday right wing radio guy Hugh Hewitt asked Karl Rove if he thought Democrats would organize rank and filers to participate in Republican caucuses and primaries to try to screw up the Republican nomination. Rove’s answers reveal a lot … Continue reading

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Oh, All It Took Was an Act of Empty Symbolism?

From The Hill: A House Republican said Friday that Thursday’s sharp drop in oil prices, to below $100 per barrel, stemmed from House passage of legislation to speed up Gulf of Mexico oil-and-gas leasing and require leasing off Virginia’s coast. Rep. Michael Burgess … Continue reading

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Obama Eats Arugula and NYC Firefighters are Effete Elitists Who Can’t Relate to Bubba

Remember when Barack Obama mentioning arugula was supposedly a sign that he was an effete, out-of-touch elitist? [T]he media now seem to think arugula has the same elitist cachet as caviar and truffles. The cover of the latest Newsweek suggests that Sen. Barack Obama … Continue reading

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The Unreliable Glenn Greenwald

Someone sent me a link to Glenn Greenwald’s latest batch of complaints about the Obama administration. Three things stood out to me. First, there’s this: Virtually every major newspaper account of the killing of Osama bin Laden consists of faithful … Continue reading

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The Republican Party: All Torture & Tax Cuts, All the Time

This tweet by David Waldman got me thinking: How many years did the GOP spend insisting that torture was necessary for “ticking time bombs”? But suddenly it’s a long-term payoff thing. The GOP has long been fond of attributing all … Continue reading

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Watching it Live

This photo is from the situation room during the operation to get Osama bin Laden. Reports are that the President and the national security team watched the operation live via cameras on the helmets of the special forces who executed … Continue reading

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