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A Challenge

I have guests and can’t give a proper response now, but I see ED Kain has accused me of a bunch of things I didn’t do with regard to Glenn Greenwald. I’ll give a better response later today or tomorrow, … Continue reading

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Times When Dems Chose Not to be Birthers (And One Possible Explanation For Why McCain Didn’t Go Birther)

Remember when a Republican governor of a big state was a leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination and Democrats made a big deal about the fact that not only wasn’t he born in the United States, he was born … Continue reading

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No, Obama’s Policies Aren’t Those of a Moderate Republican

Not one of Ezra Klein’s more insightful claims:  President Obama, if you look closely at his positions, is a moderate Republican of the early 1990s. And the Republican Party he’s facing has abandoned many of its best ideas in its … Continue reading

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Who’s Most Eager to See Trump’s Job Creation Plan? Political Consultants

I’m inclined to think that Donald Trump’s flirtation with the Republican presidential primary is a goof, something he’s doing for fun and because he’s a megalomaniac but that at some point in the next few months he’ll realize not that … Continue reading

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The Delusions of a Southern Republican Presidential Aspirant & His Republican Base

Within the eulogies of Haley Barbour’s still-born presidential campaign are two shocking bits of analysis. First, this from Jonathan Martin at Politico: Barbour officials dismissed his dismal showing in early polls as a mere product of lack of name identification, … Continue reading

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When Will a Blind Republican Eliminate Funding for Eyecare Because She Didn’t Have Vision as a Child?

No matter what smug Northerners may think, crazy-ass lunatic Republicans have never been limited to the South. For a reminder of this truism, there’s this, from the Michigan Messenger: Under a new budget proposal from State Sen. Bruce Casswell, children … Continue reading

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Is Ensign Resigning to Prevent Sharron Angle, Part II?

It looks like John Ensign (Philanderer–NV) is going to resign from the senate. In Nevada the governor appoints whomever he wants to an open senate seat, and reports say that Republican Brian Sandoval will appoint Republican Congressman Dean Heller. Why … Continue reading

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