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George W Bush Did Two Really Good Things. Republicans Are Trying to Kill Them Both.

I may be a proud partisan, but I try to challenge myself to be clear-eyed enough to recognize good ideas even when they are Republican ideas or policies. It was mostly a futile endeavor during the Bush administration. Try as … Continue reading

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Republicans Who Draw Maps Don’t Always Comply with the Wishes of Republicans

Back in the 1990’s Michigan had an outrageous state senator by the name of David Jaye. Jaye was sort of a mix of George Wallace, Rand Paul and Charlie Sheen. He represented far northern Macomb County, which at that time … Continue reading

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Want to Guess Which Rally Will Get Far More Media Coverage?

These political rallies are happening simultaneously. Which one do you think will get the most media coverage? Will it be this good-sized crowd of liberals protesting Republican policies at the New Hampshire capitol in Concord NH? Or will it be … Continue reading

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Waking Up to a More Complex Reality About Redistricting

Last week Aaron Blake & Chris Cillizza had a good piece about The GOP’s Census Problem that could be an article in a bigger series about “The GOP’s Minority Problem.” The quick take-away is that the census is showing that … Continue reading

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I Contain Multitudes…Of Characters Too Numerous for a Tweet

After more than a year of limiting my political writing to internal campaign documents and “essays” no longer than 140 characters, it was time to finally get back to blogging.

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