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Republicans Resist Reality That Sometimes Reality Can’t Be Resisted

When analysis like this is actually better than what comes from most Republican consultants, it’s dispiriting to think that Democrats do not win nearly every election: Many Republican strategists now see this as a parallel dynamic similar to what the … Continue reading

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Congress: Worked With FDR to Address a Catastrophe, Working Against Obama to Create One

From Franklin Roosevelt’s 1937 State of the Union address: In the many methods of attack with which we met these problems, you and I, by mutual understanding and by determination to cooperate, helped to make democracy succeed by refusing to … Continue reading

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Shutdown: It’s Not Gerrymandering, It’s The South

Analysts and politicians trying to explain the breakdown of our federal system regularly pin significant blame on gerrymandering for the radicalization of the Republican party. I think Nate Cohn has a good rebuttal to the notion gerrymandering has significantly influenced … Continue reading

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Montana Senate Race: Far from Over

Former Montana governor Brian Schweitzer, who was expected to be the Democratic candidate to replace retiring Democrat Max Baucus, announced today that he will not run for the U.S. Senate. This is not good news for Democrats; if Schweitzer had … Continue reading

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Conservatives Prefer Massive Explosions Over Taxing the Wealthy

The problem isn’t just that Texas laws and regulations are state of the art for, say, 1897: West Fertilizer fell under the purview of at least seven state or federal regulatory agencies, each with its own objectives. None had primary … Continue reading

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Workers Killed by Historical Determinism

Over the last few days there’s been an interesting back-and-forth between Erik Loomis and Matt Ygeslias about holding international corporations to some common set of labor standards in all countries they operate. Erik’s most recent post calls Ygeslias’ crude “creative … Continue reading

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How Michelle Rhee is Like the Anti-Vax Murderers

Scott LeMieux does most of the hard work here, so I won’t go through a point-by-point rebuttal of this post by Matt Yglesias. But there’s a big point Scott didn’t address. Yglesias’ post is argued entirely from the perspective of … Continue reading

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“Kentucky Democrat” Press Is Quoting in McConnell Case Is Not A Democrat

Well, maybe he’s a Democrat, but I probably would be a more legitimate spokesman for Kentucky Democrats. So would you. Jacob Conway is his name, and he’s no “Democratic official.” He’s just some dude. Some dude who was first called … Continue reading

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But It Too Often IS About Self-Actualization

  Oh, if that were only true. I believe Weigel was referring to politicians and running for office, and of course too many politicians are motivated more by personal gain than public good. But the problem isn’t only with those … Continue reading

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Taxonomy of Favorable and Unfavorable Liberal/Progressive Assessments of the Obama Presidency

Beware anything simple, because it will probably be too simplistic. Having said that, let me propose a simple explanation of a broad subject. It’s occurred to me that there’s a concise yet fairly comprehensive description of the differing priorities of ardent … Continue reading

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