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Election Model Fundamentalists

Over at Monkeyblog John Sides is taking whacks at Charlie Cook for not understanding the fundamentals. I feel no imperative to defend Charlie Cook. But reading Sides I’m again struck by what I think is the overconfidence of many of … Continue reading

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Not the First Time Ryan has Offered a Budget that Didn’t Include a Budget

Before Mitt Romney picked him to be his running mate, the DC press corps anointed Paul Ryan the “serious” Republican. So on one level it is astonishing that the supposed leading Republican budget expert would be forced to admit that, despite referring to … Continue reading

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Trump’s Curve-less Learning Curve

  Hmmm… Recently, mogul, reality television star, and huge Anthony Weiner fan Donald Trump Tweeted that he was working on a “big surprise” for the upcoming RNC convention. Well, we have a hint as to what that surprise might entail. Last night, Obama impersonator (or … Continue reading

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Obama and White Catholics: Why Let Data Interfere With a Good Story?

Politico, from an article arguing that Paul Ryan could help Mitt Romney win over Catholic voters: The administration still has some work to do to win over white Catholics nationally, though. While a Pew Research Center poll published last week … Continue reading

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Lolo and The Unknowns

Lolo Jones is an American track athlete who finished fourth in yesterday’s 100 meter hurdles at the London Olympics. She’s also become a subject of much discussion by people interested in fame, sexism, careerism and double standards in the media. … Continue reading

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The “Objective” Nitwittery of Politifact

Harry Reid says he heard from someone that Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes for ten years. We don’t know if what Reid said was true or false, because the evidence that could be easily proffered to settle the dispute is … Continue reading

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